Notes on the Line: Musings from a Folk Artist

My Newest Song

I wrote my most recent song on my new, old 1925 Gibson Snakehead Mandolin–the first song I’ve written on my new instrument!  The song, “Lies,” (nice, uplifting title, huh?) speaks of personal conviction but also of the fact that we do, indeed, live in a world of lies.  The song is, in part, an encouragement to be leery of deception, fear, and yes, lies–this may bring to mind politics, media, religion, relationships, etc.  We should always be careful about who we decide to trust and depend upon.  A line from the song:

“Depending on some is like leaning on a splintered staff”

But the song is not as morose as the title, or this line, may suggest.  The point, really, is that we also live in a world of inherent, almost indefatigable, truth.  Hence, the concluding line:

“You ask me what do I believe….

I said, in only the light in which I’m lying”

Like the play on words?  Regardless, I encourage you to seek and to live in light and truth, in whatever ways that means for you, and to–above all–choose your staff wisely!